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Documentary 1h 39m 2012

AroView: An extraordinary account of a French-Algerian con artist named Frédéric Bourdin and his impersonation of an American teenager who returns to his family three years after his apparent abduction.

Taking full advantage of its stranger-than-fiction premise, this is structured and styled for maximum nail-biting effect ala MAN ON WIRE, threaded by an unsettlingly sincere first-person interview with Bourdin himself. Littered with psychoanalytical gold, this ultimately reveals a heart-breaking story of a family’s loss and our collective propensity to believe a palatable lie over painful truth.

“This true story plays like a gripping psychological thriller, offering hard speculation and harder truths. You won’t be able to get it out of your head.” ~ Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.


Bart Layton




United Kingdom

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