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Florianópolis Dream (2018)

Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 46m

Evocative Brazilian comedy-drama set in the 90’s, following an Argentinian family who go on holiday to the coastal resort area of Florianopolis, Brazil.

Nostalgic psychoanalysts with restless teenage kids, the group stumble through the challenges of organising the trip, with themes of independence, marriage and aging emerging against the brilliant summer light of a subtropical paradise.

At times reminiscent of the films of Éric Rohmer, actor-turned-director Ana Katz brings an unobtrusive camera and a superb cast to this gentle and deceptively simple drama.

“A wry, gentle, thoughtful probing of everyday events and their more revealing implications… bright and bittersweet in equal measure.” ~ Guy Lodge, Variety.


Ana Katz


Spanish, Portuguese




Argentina, Brazil, France



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