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Heroic Losers

1h 57m Crime, Comedy, Thriller 2020
NZIFF 2020

AroView: A rousing, old school heist movie set on the eve of the 2001 Corralito economic crisis in Argentina, this winning underdog comedy follows a group of neighbours who band together to recover their money from an underground vault after it is swindled from them.

Based on the novel by Eduardo Sacheri (THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES) and starring Ricardo Darin alongside his real-life son Chino Darin.

“By turns sombre, hilarious, and suspenseful… with a memorable crew of characters you can’t help but root for.” — Diana Sanchez, Toronto International Film Festival

“Empathetic and entertaining… Heroic Losers’ always timely, universally relatable tale goes a considerable way.” — Sarah Ward, Screendaily









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