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Prison 77

2h 5m Drama 2022

Even though Spanish dictator Franco died in 1975, the transition to democracy took years to accomplish, and many innocent people were caught up in the turmoil. Take ambitious accountant Manuel (Miguel Herran) who suddenly finds himself in prison awaiting a trail that may not take place for years. Placed in a cell with veteran prisoner Pino (Javier Gutierrez), Manuel soon realises the horror of his situation. Together they start to organise the other prisoners to rebel.

Based on remarkable true events and filmed in the infamous Modelo prison, this powerfully acted and assuredly directed new thriller from Alberto Rodríguez (Marshland) features many tense highlights including a recreation of a famous prison break in 1978. Focusing on friendship rather than conflict, it plays a more authentic, real-life Shawshank Redemption.

“A picture that is both perceptive in its historical storytelling, and powerfully intimate in its study of how Manuel is strengthened and reshaped by his sentence. Prisons have always served as an unforgiving yet compelling landscape for cinema, and with this European masterclass in threat and tension, there’s a new top dog on the cell block.” ~Garry Arnot, Cinema Perspective









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