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Neon Bull

1h 41m Drama 2016

Iremar works at the Vaquejadas, a rodeo in the north east of Brazil. It’s dusty and backbreaking work, and Iremar spends his days covered in mud and dung, feeding, prepping and taking care of the bulls. But Brazil and the Northeast are changing and the region’s booming clothing industry has stirred new ambitions in Iremar.

AroView: Transgressive and beguiling drama set in the Brazilian world of the vaquejada, a traditional style of rodeo, as seen through the eyes of a gender non-conforming bull handler with a secret burgeoning passion for clothing design.

“No matter how rigorously worked out each shot and its action might be, Neon Bull always honors the chaotic looseness of everyday living — the way that, unlike in the movies, few of the moments we inhabit seem to be about just one thing.” ~ Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice.

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival and Best Feature at the Adelaide Film Festival, this is an unforgettable cinematic achievement from director Gabriel Mascaro.


Gabriel Mascaro






Brazil, Uruguay, Netherlands

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