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The Straight Story

1h 52m Biography, Drama 1999

AroView: Far from wild at heart, this soft-peddle road movie from the infamous David Lynch is a serene, supremely dignified fable (though based on a true incident) about a 73-year-old man’s 260-mile journey to visit his estranged, ailing brother on a clapped-out tractor.

Push past Sissy Spacek’s grating speech-affliction in the first act and undistracted viewers will find a gently profound wisdom in its leisurely plough across the American heartland. Pristine photography and landscape and Angelo Badalamenti’s graceful score play a part, but pale against the glow of the humble human experience, exemplified by old Richard Farnsworth in a remarkable performance.


David Lynch



Closed Captions [CC]

English captions


France, UK, USA

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