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Pusher III: I'm the Angel of Death

1h 48m Crime, Thriller 2005

AroView: Third instalment of a thoroughly gripping trilogy closes in on the Sisyphean struggle of drug kingpin Milo as he desperately battles heroin addiction, a deal-gone-bad and mental instability in the midst of laying on the food for his daughter’s 25th birthday.

Unsparing in its treatment of some downright repugnant individuals, yet profoundly sympathetic to the plight of its central character (a terrific Zlatko Buric), this parallels the precarious despair of the first two PUSHER films while earmarking extra space for an incisive depiction of drug-addled psychological decline a la GOODFELLAS. Ups the ante in the bloodletting stakes, too, with an ending that makes Refn’s animalistic analogy manifestly and brutally clear.

“Simply brilliant… uncompromising… refuses to pull a single punch.” -Matt McNally, BBC

“A European version of The Sopranos. These movies make your stomach churn and your head pound… you’ll be left deeply uneasy, yet longing for more.” -Nick Funnell, Time Out London


Serbian, Danish, Polish







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