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Valhalla: Legend of Thor

1h 45m Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller 2019

AroView: Danish fantasy adventure film based on the beloved comic book of the same name, which started publication in 1979.

Will be of interest to both comic book fans and Norse mythology enthusiasts for its refreshing non-Marvel source material and gritty, grounded depiction of Midgard and Valhalla, filmed on located in the gorgeous Scandinavian wilds.

“This grounded Danish production proves you don’t need a Marvel budget to Ragnarock.” ~Irish Film Critic

“Has rumblings of greatness with its bold interpretation of familiar Norse names. Its occasional pedestrian pacing and absence of action means it’s unlikely to storm to the top of anyone’s ‘Best Of’ lists, but there’s enough here that make it worth forking out for.” ~Sean Burton, Revue Avenue


Fenar Ahmad







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