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2h 23m Drama 2022

AroView: A masterly work of slow cinema from the director of “A White, White Day”, inspired by 19th-Century period photography in both narrative and style, and the contemporary influence of Werner Herzog.

Elliott Crosset Hove plays a Danish priest and photographer sent on a god-awful mission to establish a parish on the far side of unforgiving Icelandic terrain – the journey weakening his faith and mental resolve and helped none by the challenges of the language barrier. Fans of Scandi cinema won’t want to miss this serious attempt to put a frame around pioneering history.

“A highly original work that goes beyond its theological aspects to explore more universal questions of mankind and our evanescent place in the world.” ~David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s an accomplished, ambitious work which has a Herzogian fascination with vast, unforgiving landscapes, hubris and madness.” ~Wendy Ide, Screen Daily

“The film’s very long takes feel extremely rich with meaning and texture even as they often show a whole lot of nothing.” ~Elena Lazic, The Playlist


Hlynur Palmason


Icelandic, Danish




Iceland, Denmark



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