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A White, White Day

Drama 1h 49m 2019

Aroview: Aesthetically striking Icelandic drama which plunges the viewer deep into the psyche of a tortured former police officer who suspects a neighbour might have been having an affair with his now deceased wife.

Director Hlynur Pálmason employs the extreme weather conditions of the far North to create an elemental psychological portrait exploring grief, jealousy and masculinity, beautifully paced and with an expertly sustained tension throughout.

Anchored by actor Ingvar Sigurdsson’s towering, white-hot lead performance, a visceral score and utterly breathtaking cinematography, this is a gripping and powerful film that proved a hit at Cannes 2019.

“As darkly comic as it is foreboding, and boasting an outrageously rich and nuanced central performance from the great Icelandic actor Ingvar Sigurdsson.” ~ The Film Stage.


Hlynur Palmason






Iceland, Denmark, Sweden

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