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There's Something in the Barn

1h 38m Horror, Comedy 2023

Traditions die hard! The Nordheims return to their roots, and move back into their old family cabin in the Norwegian Mountains. But there’s a ‘little’ surprise waiting for them… the Norwegian Barn elves, nasty gnome-like Santas, who will turn the family’s life into hell. To survive them the rules are simple: no bright lights, no loud noises, and never forget to put out a bowl of porridge on Christmas Eve, or else, a bloody struggle for survival ensues.

“Boasting an engaging cast, all of whom are in on the joke, There’s Something in the Barn is rarely excessive and always entertaining.” ~Mae Abdulbaki, ScreenRant

“It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it offers a fun Christmas horror movie with cultural authenticity, and a great companion to “Krampus” and “Rare Exports” as movies that twist the lore of Christmas in delightfully violent and deadly ways.” ~Rafael Motamayor, Slashfilm


Magnus Martens


English, Norwegian





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