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World Class(ics)

Action, Drama 2h 42m 1985
Crime, Drama, Mystery 1h 28m 1950
Tokyo Story
Drama 2h 16m 1953
Drama, War 1h 44m 1953
High Crime (Polizia Incrimina La Legge Assolve)
Crime, Thriller 1h 40m 1973
Nights of Cabiria
Drama 1h 58m 1957
Drama, Romance 2h 6m 1962
The Boom
Comedy 1h 28m 1963
The White Sheik
Comedy, Drama 1h 26m 1952
Belle de Jour
Drama 1h 41m 1968
Drama 1h 35m 1970
The Phantom of Liberty
Comedy 1h 44m 1974
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
Comedy 1h 37m 1972
That Obscure Object of Desire
Comedy, Drama 1h 42m 1977
Diary of a Chambermaid
Crime, Drama 1h 33m 1964
Death in the Garden
Adventure, Drama 1h 44m 1956
Made in U.S.A
Comedy, Crime 1h 30m 1966
Pierrot le Fou
Crime, Drama, Romance 1h 50m 1965
Thriller, Sci-Fi 1h 39m 1965
Le Mepris (Contempt)
Drama, Romance 1h 42m 1963
Le Petit Soldat
War, Drama 1h 28m 1963
A Woman Is a Woman
Comedy, Drama, Musical 1h 25m 1961
Crime, Drama 1h 30m 1960
Last Year in Marienbad
Drama, Mystery 1h 34m 1964
Drama, Romance 1h 47m 1962
Mr. Klein
Crime, Drama, Thriller, War 2h 3m 1976
A Bad Son
Drama 1h 50m 1980
Vincent, François, Paul and the Others
Drama 1h 58m 1974
César and Rosalie
Drama, Romance 1h 44m 1972
Max and the Junkmen
Crime, Drama, Romance 1h 52m 1971
Les Choses de la Vie
Drama, Romance 1h 29m 1970
A Sunday in the Country
Drama 1h 30m 1984
A Week's Holiday
Drama 1h 42m 1980
The Judge and the Assassin
Crime, Drama, History 2h 8m 1976
The Milky Way
Comedy, Drama 1h 41m 1969
Edouard and Caroline
Comedy 1h 28m 1951
Forbidden Games (Jeux Interdits)
Drama, War 1h 26m 1952
Diary of a Country Priest
Drama 1h 35m 1951
Quai des Orfèvres
Crime, Drama, Film Noir 1h 46m 1947
The Raven (aka Le Corbeau)
Crime, Drama, Mystery 1h 32m 1943
Comedy 2h 35m 1967
Mon Oncle
Comedy 1h 56m 1958
Mr Hulot's Holiday
Comedy 1h 23m 1953
Jour de Fête
Comedy 1h 10m 1949
Le Jour Se Leve
Crime, Drama, Romance 1h 33m 1939
Pepe le Moko
Crime, Drama, Romance 1h 34m 1937
Port of Shadows
Crime, Drama, Romance 1h 31m 1938
La Bête Humaine
Crime, Drama 1h 40m 1938
La Grande Illusion
Drama, War 1h 53m 1937
Testament of Orpheus
Biography, Fantasy 1h 19m 1960
The Blood of a Poet
Fantasy 55m 1930