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Love in the City

1h 55m Drama, Romance 1953

Six directors contribute to this Italian portmanteau film conjoining six stories around a theme of urban love.

“Attempted Suicide”: Young women who have tried to commit suicide for love tell their stories in front of Michelangelo Antonioni’s camera.

“Marriage Agency”: Federico Fellini imagines a journalist who investigates a marriage agency by pretending to be a friend of a patient who wants to get married.

“Italians Stare”: Alberto Lattuada reports on the reactions of men to the passage of pretty women.

“Catherine’s Story”: An investigation reconstructed by Francesco Maselli and Cesare Zavattini on a woman forced to abandon her child and who does everything to find him.

“The Saturday Night Ball”: Dino Risi films with tenderness and irony an evening at the ball.

“The Love We Pay”: A documentary on Roman prostitutes filmed by Carlo Lizzani.

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