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That Obscure Object of Desire

1h 42m Comedy, Drama 1977

A French classic from director Luis Bunuel about the complexities of what we think “love” is, which employs all manner of surrealist techniques to fascinating and entertaining effect.

Synopsis: Just after boarding a train, much to the surprise of his fellow passengers, a man pours a bucket of water over a young girl on the platform. Over the next few hours he explains (and we see in flashback) how he became obsessed by her, and how she tantalised him, but would never allow him to satisfy his desire for her.

“A masterpiece of loopy morals, terrorist attacks and chastity belts that turns that age old loves-me-loves-me-not story once and for all on its silly head.” ~ AroVideo.


Luis Buñuel


French, Spanish




France, Spain

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