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The Perfect Dinner

1h 46m Comedy, Drama 2022

Suspense, action and a pinch of romance are the ingredients of “La Cena Perfetta”, Davide Minnella’s dramedy about a Neopolitan mafioso and chef who cross paths in Rome.

Good-hearted Carmine isn’t cut out for criminal life with the Camorra. Under the protection of his boss Pasquale, he’s sent north to run a money laundering operation through a Roman restaurant. He simply needs to defrost frozen meals, issue receipts and dinner is served. But everything changes when he meets the down-on-her-luck Consuelo, a talented chef in search of perfection, who dreams of winning a Michelin star. Could their shared passion for food give them both a second chance?

A delectable immersion into the world of haute cuisine (featuring dishes created with star Italian chef Christina Bowerman), THE PERFECT DINNER will leave you eager to get in the kitchen.

“A throwback to easier movie times, The Perfect Dinner may be simple, but it’s nonetheless effective.” ~Film Focus


Davide Minnella







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