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Perfect Strangers

Comedy, Drama 1h 36m 2016

The multi award-winning new comedy of manners from Paolo Genovese is a fiendishly clever take on decorum in the age of modern technology, and poses the question: how well do we really know those close to us?

The titular perfect strangers are actually seven long-time friends (three couples and one bachelor), all 40ish, who gather one night for a dinner party and agree that no private calls or messaging will disrupt their evening. Instead, in a communal fit of ‘we have nothing to hide’ bravado, they place their devices on the table, and all incoming calls and texts are shared with the group. (Letting a caller know they’re on speaker is considered a cheat). But what seems at first like an innocent and playful distraction between friends quickly turns into something more, as the messages start to reveal some eye-opening secrets and how little they may truly know about the partners and acquaintances.

“Propelled by impeccable performances, it’s a dramatically entertaining work, textured with painful truths and elevated by genuine humour.” ~ Urban Cinefile.


Paolo Genovese







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