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The Reports On Sarah and Saleem

2h 7m Drama 2018

This gripping, accomplished thriller set across the Israeli-Palestinian border refuses to take sides in it’s portrayal of a secret relationship between an Israeli cafe owner in West Jerusalem and a Palestinian deliveryman from the East.

When a risky late-night trip to the West Bank goes awry and threatens to expose them, they quickly become the subject of a minor international crisis, caught up in the machinations of two warring states and trapped a web of deceit, espionage and collusion.

“At its heart, this is a film about human nature: about desire, recklessness and emotions. The fraught relationship between Israelis and Palestinians is this tale’s powerful overlay. But it’s the questions it raises about personal accountability that speak to wider truths.” ~ Washington Post.


Sivane Kretchner (Sarah) , Adeeb Safadi (Saleem)


Muayad Alayan






Palestine, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands

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