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Wajib - The Wedding Invitation

1h 36m Drama 2017

AroView: A wryly comedic drama set in Nazareth in the lead-up to Christmas, where a conservative father and his estranged hipster son attempt to reconcile their differences while hand-delivering invitations for an upcoming wedding in their family, fulfilling the wajib (Palestinian traditional duty) of the title. Stars real-life father and son Mohammad and Saleh Bakri. Writer-director Annemarie Jacir, a Palestinian born in Bethlehem, raised in Saudi Arabia and educated in New York, brings a worldly, wise and witty eye to this hugely entertaining and illuminating slice of Palestinian life.

“A film of surprising warmth and generosity, which takes a situation riven by discord and turns it into a melancholy song of resolution.” ~ Mark Kermode, The Guardian.


Annemarie Jacir







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