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Auckland Online Film Festival

The Mole Agent
Documentary 1h 30m 2021
Swagger of Thieves
Documentary, Music 1h 44m 2017
Bad Genius
Comedy, Thriller, Crime 2h 10m 2017
Drama 1h 25m 2021
A First Farewell
Drama 1h 30m 2018
Coming Home in the Dark
Thriller 1h 33m 2021
Thriller, Fantasy 1h 32m 2020
The Sparks Brothers
Documentary, Music 2h 15m 2021
Dinner in America
Comedy, Drama 1h 48m 2020
First Cow
Drama, Western 2h 2m 2020
Drama 1h 37m 2021
In the Earth
Thriller, Horror 1h 45m 2021
Drama, Horror, Mystery 1h 48m 2021
Documentary 1h 49m 2021
The Donut King
Documentary 1h 39m 2020
Comedy, Drama, Crime 1h 45m 2020
Thriller 1h 38m 2020
Let Them All Talk
Comedy, Drama 1h 53m 2020
The Nest
Drama 1h 47m 2020
Feels Good Man
Documentary 1h 32m 2020
Under the Volcano
Documentary 1h 36m 2021
She Dies Tomorrow
Drama, Horror 1h 25m 2020
The Assistant
Drama 1h 27m 2019
Shadow in the Cloud
Action, Horror 1h 23m 2020
Girls Can't Surf
Documentary, Sport 1h 48m 2020
Documentary, Political 1h 44m 2020
Island of the Hungry Ghosts
Documentary 1h 34m 2019
The Cat Rescuers
Documentary 1h 27m 2018
Documentary 1h 19m 2016
Cemetery of Splendour
Drama, Fantasy, Mystery 2h 2m 2015
An Angel At My Table
Drama, Biography 2h 34m 1990
The Boom
Comedy 1h 28m 1963

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