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1h 41m Drama, Fantasy 2022

AroView: A powerful, imaginative directorial debut from celebrated Australian artist Del Kathryn Barton about a twelve-year-old girl conflicted by a debilitating fear and a desire for justice after she witnesses a rape and murder. Barton’s trademark visuals are breathtakingly expressive and colourful as expected but equal weight is placed on a script that grounds the dazzling fantasy flourishes in a credible and relatable reality.

We concur with the film’s press release on this one: “Julia Savage is fantastic as the teen confronted with an unimaginable crisis; as is Simon Baker playing the parent desperate to fix a problem not easily solved. Blaze is a bold hybrid of live action, puppetry and animation, an ode to female courage and a celebration of the power of the imagination.”

“Will take your breath away… In an audaciously crafted work from the Archibald-winning artist.” ~Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian

“Legendary Australian artist Del Kathryn Barton’s feature film debut is a masterpiece of catharsis.” ~Stephen A. Russell, Time Out







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