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The Nightingale

2h 16m Thriller, Drama 2018

AroView: Brazen Australian survival drama from the director of THE BABADOOK, set in 1825 in Van Dieman’s Land (Tasmania), where a deeply traumatized Irish woman seeks revenge on the man who killed her family, with the reluctant help of an Aboriginal tracker.

Grapples with the nature of evil and the futility of vengeance, from the perspectives of two brutalized survivors of the misogyny and racism that characterized this period of Australian’s dark history.

“Weaving themes of colonialism and class into the broad strokes of a won’t-stop-can’t-stop revenge potboiler, the film marks a step forward for the Australian director in terms of ambition and scope.” ~The Guardian


Jennifer Kent


English, Irish

Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]




BRON Studios, Sony

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