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Judy & Punch

Drama, Comedy, Fantasy 1h 45m 2019

AroView: A gorgeously carnivalesque and blackly comic Australian period drama in which the famous 17th century puppet show Punch and Judy is turned on its head. The two puppeteers are struggling in the anarchic town of Seaside (nowhere near the sea) when a tragic event compels Judy to take revenge on the violent alcoholic Punch.

A visceral and dynamic live-action reinterpretation from writer-director Mirrah Foulkes, which brings to life a fierce, darkly comic and epic female-driven revenge story, starring Mia Wasikowska and Damon Herriman.

“At times gut-bustingly hilarious, brutally uncomfortable, and joyously irreverent.” ~ Film Threat.


Mirrah Foulkes





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