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Snowtown (2011)

Crime, Drama 1h 56m

AroView: Australian serial killer John Bunting is the controversial subject of this disturbing yet persuasively told recreation of the ‘scum’ murders that rocked the northern outskirts of Adelaide between 1992 and 1999.

Staged and acted for maximum realism, this is impressively achieved through the dedicated performances of Daniel Henshall (as Bunting) and Lucas Pittaway (in his acting debut) and a screenplay that brings as much psychological insight to the grim, inexplicable events that can possibly be mustered. While first-time helmer Justin Kurzel spares us from most of the violence, he spares little of the insidious truth, though the tabloid subject matter arguably limits it as only another in an accomplished line of portraits of ‘white trash’ Australiana.

“An absolutely mesmerising, uncompromising crime-movie masterpiece.” ~ Jim Schembri, The Age.


Justin Kurzel