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Two Tickets to Greece

1h 50m Comedy 2022

AroView: A sunlit escapist comedy set in Les Cyclades (the original French title) starring Laure Calamy and Olivia Côte as long-estranged childhood friends with little in common who find themselves thrown together on a disaster-prone holiday in the Greek Isles.

Côte plays it convincingly straight as a wounded divorcee in hilarious contrast to Calamy’s force-of-nature ‘free spirit’, with Kristin Scott-Thomas the cherry on top as a libertine and lady of leisure. Fans of “Antoinette in the Cevennes”, “The Trip to Greece” and even “The Big Blue” (which is constantly referenced) won’t want to miss this.

“The leads click, the scenery is fab and there are just enough chuckles, sweet laughs and grimaces to make it worth 100 minutes of our time in the sundrenched birthplace of Western Civilization.” ~Roger Moore, Movie Nation

“Despite occasional detours into darker themes, this is fundamentally a relaxing trip for an audience — ideal for women of a similar age to the main characters who might fancy treating themselves to a trip to the Greek islands without actually having to get on a flight.” ~Catherine Bray, Variety


Marc Fitoussi






France, Belgium, Greece



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