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1h 26m Comedy, Drama, Crime 2021

AroView: Not your typical fare to play the NZ International Film Festival, this edgy contemporary road comedy about a pair of morally-conflicted strippers is based on an outrageous true story that went viral as a series of attention-grabbing tweets.

It’s something of a sister movie to “Red Rocket” as another snapshot of a decadent, internet-ravaged America, though this time driven by four kick-ass women – the amazing Riley Keough, dancer-turned-actor Taylour Paige, director Janicza Bravo and cult composer Mica Levi.

“Though premised on the slight pretenses of Twitter, the world of Bravo’s film is no fictionalized, seedily appealing underbelly. It’s simply America: often frightful, sometimes grimly amusing, and ever rattling along in its entropy.” ~Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

“It’s crass, it’s cruel, it’s wild, it’s often hilariously funny.” ~ Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm


Janicza Bravo



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