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Action, Science Fiction 1h 53m 2012

A top-drawer time-traveling actioner, following a hired gun whose job to assassinate targets transported from the future is complicated when he’s required to end the life of his future self.

AroView: Though it falls slightly shy of the ground-breakers in the genre, this breaks through its generic trappings in a more grounded second half that showcases spooky child actor Pierce Gagnon, and a fiercely maternal side of Emily Blunt. The film’s best conceit, however, is the prosthetic effect applied to lead Joseph Gordon-Levitt to resemble his older self, played by Bruce Willis. Several steps up in scope for the writer-director of the indie hit, BRICK.

“A rare example of ingenious science-fiction storytelling where the fundamental concepts are so intriguing that their stylish execution feels like gravy.” ~ Leonard Maltin.


Rian Johnson







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