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I'm Your Man

Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi 1h 43m 2021

AroView: A fabulously entertaining high concept comedy from Germany about a skeptical scientist who agrees to a three week product test of a humanoid robot designed to make her happy.

An intelligent script makes the most of the premise which puts a refreshing, ultra-modern spin on rom-com tropes, while leads Maren Eggert and English heartthrob Dan Stevens (in a German-speaking role) are perfectly cast. The film puts paid to the mythical notion that the Germans don’t do comedy well.

“The set up promises a high concept romantic comedy, but in execution, Maria Schrader’s immensely enjoyable picture delves rather deeper, touching on philosophy, socio-sexual ethics and humanity’s uneasily symbiotic relationship with technology.” ~Wendy Ide, Screen Daily



Maria Schrader








Letterbox Filmproduktion, Madman

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