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Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 32m 2021

AroView: A blistering two-hander about a middle-class couple in relationship crisis over an extended period of lockdowns as the Co-Vid pandemic sweeps through Britain in “real time”.

Dennis Kelly’s unsentimental, ultra-contemporary script puts performers James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan through their paces and it’s a joy to see them meet the challenge of delivering layered monologues that break the fourth wall, while director Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot) keeps things lively within the limits of the confined domestic setting. Especially recommended for fans of smart comedy laced with a dose of salts and a streak of anger.

“Feel-good/feel-bad is Together to a T. It feels wonderful.” ~Kimberley Jones, Austin Chronicle

“Together is an occasionally slight, but nevertheless riveting showcase for the actors and Kelly’s decidedly unsentimental script.” ~Christian Gallichio, The Playlist


Stephen Daldry


Justin Martin






NBC Universal

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