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Once Were Brothers
1h 42m Documentary, Music 2019
1h 31m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2013
1h 55m Drama 2016
1h 31m Horror, Cult 1977
Psycho Goreman
1h 35m Science Fiction, Action, Adventure 2020
Riceboy Sleeps
1h 57m Drama, Youth 2023
Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror
3h 12m Documentary, Horror, Film Theory 2021
The Nest
1h 47m Drama 2020
The Grand Seduction
1h 53m Comedy 2013
Stories We Tell
1h 48m Documentary 2012
The Kid Detective
1h 37m Comedy, Mystery 2020
The End of Sex
1h 27m Comedy, Romance 2022
1h 34m Documentary, Film-making 2014
1h 19m Documentary, Cult, Drugs 1999
1h 17m Documentary, Music, Dance 1992
Comic Book Confidential
1h 25m Documentary, Art, Cult 1989
1h 25m Comedy, Indie, Cult 1989
Cowards Bend the Knee
1h 4m Silent Cinema, Independent, Cult 2003
1h 17m Drama, Experimental 1990
Tales from the Gimli Hospital
1h 4m Drama, Cult, Experimental 1988

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