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The Lost Thing

15m Animation, Short, Drama 2010

AroView: From the brainchild of celebrated Australian illustrator-author Shaun Tan comes this perfectly-formed animated adaptation of his best selling page-turner about a boy’s discovery of a strange, homeless contraption. Clocking in at only 17 minutes, this is a case of ‘less is more’ with cult comedian Tim Minchin lending his voice to the splendid wee thing.

Synopsis: In a not-so-distant future, somewhere in Australia’s sandy beaches, a young boy while collecting bottle tops for his collection, makes an amazing discovery: a humongous and strange, yet friendly creature. Unable to classify this being, the boy soon realises that, in reality, the poor creature is actually lost and it has nowhere to go. But how could someone fail to notice such a magnificent living organism, moreover, how can a little boy find where it belongs?


Andrew Ruhemann


Shaun Tan




Australia, United Kingdom



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