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Watership Down

1h 32m Animation, Adventure, Drama 1978

The timeless animation classic based on the best-selling novel by Richard Adams.

Synopsis: Nestled among the peaceful meadows lives an idyllic community of rabbits, but when warned that their warren will be destroyed, a small group escapes into the unknown countryside in search of a new home - led by the visionary Fiver, the courageous Bigwig, the clever Blackberry, and the honourable Hazel.

Director Martin Rosen brilliantly frames the tale from the rabbits’ point of view, while the affecting, painterly animation style further allows the viewer to identify with each character’s engrossing journey. Over 40 years since its initial release, Watership Down remains a compelling tale of courage, loyalty and thrilling adventure.


Martin Rosen


John Hubley




United Kingdom

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