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The Last Wave

1h 45m Thriller, Drama, Mystery 1977

Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Weir followed “Picnic at Hanging Rock” with another provocative and eerie tale that explores a startling world on the brink of apocalypse, a time and place where Mother Nature and human nature are destined to collide in catastrophic disaster.

When lawyer David Burton (Richard Chamberlain) is assigned a case to defend a group of indigenous Australian men, he is unprepared for the nightmares and dreamscapes ahead. Accused of murdering one of their own, the men stand trial amidst suspicious circumstances and, as Burton becomes plagued by unsettling visions, he is drawn to the mysterious Chris Lee (David Gulpilil) for answers to his torment. As the erratic climate turns dangerous, Burton senses a greater power at play, where tribal customs and the ancient ideas of Dreamtime may be more than just an ominous warning.

Featuring atmospheric cinematography by Russell Boyd, The Last Wave is a haunting journey into the depths of the unknown, where dreams and nightmares conspire as one.


Peter Weir



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Bonus Content

Richard Chamberlain - Interview


Recorded over Zoom during the Pandemic, Paul Harris speaks with Richard Chamberlain about the creation of the film. diving into anecdotes from the shoot including how Weir played Pink Floyd on-set to get the cast and crew into the proper mood.

David Stratton on The Last Wave


Film critic David Stratton reveals why he considers The Last Wave to be in his top 5 films.

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