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The Boys

Crime, Drama 1h 26m 1998

AroView: An exemplary entry in Australian cinema, this chilling crime film can be seen as a precursor to ANIMAL KINGDOM and other accomplished portraits of white trash Australiana, presenting no hope for the family unit in the face of violent masculinity.

Released from prison, prodigal brother David Wenham casually worms his way back into the fold - a cramped family ‘castle’ in the depths of some God-awful suburban Australian sprawl, quite prepared this time to drag everyone down with him.

The ticking time-bomb intensity is upped by a ‘less-is-more’ approach, with elements so highly evolved from its stage origins it resembles nothing less than real life. A stunner.

Synopsis: Brett Sprague is a violent and psychopathic man, who is released on parole after serving a sentence for assault. As he returns to his family house and we watch him and his brothers, Stevie and Glenn, for the next 24 hours, it becomes clear this day will not end well.


Rowan Woods







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