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One Fine Morning

1h 52m Drama, Romance 2022

AroView: Lea Seydoux is French movie star royalty but she keeps it real in this sublime film from Mia Hansen-Løve (Bergman Island), one of Europe’s most prolific and respected female auteurs.

She plays a thirty-something solo mother and translator who finds herself tethered to two men – a hunky married one who she’s fallen hopelessly in love with and her beloved father who was once a brilliant academic but who now has dementia. It’s a love story in which life’s little messes gets in the way of romantic ideals told with the signature under-statement of the writer-director.

“It explores love, both romantic and familial, with no trace of drama or sappiness, and without ever feeling slight. It’s a balm of a film and another glorious showcase for the director’s light touch when dealing with complicated emotions.” ~Anna Bogutskaya, Time Out

“Seydoux has unfakeable chemistry here with a perfect-as-usual Poupaud, the leading man in French cinema who seems most incapable of putting a foot wrong.” ~Tim Robey, The Telegraph


Mia Hansen-Løve









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