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Color Out of Space

1h 51m Horror, Science Fiction 2019

Cult director Richard Stanley (HARDWARE) brings some nutty humour to this adaptation of the H. P. Lovecraft short story of the same name, with Nicolas Cage appropriately unhinged as a farmer whose secluded property is struck by a meteorite. The mysterious aerolite seems to melt into the earth, infecting both the land and the properties of space-time. Mutant forms of technicolor flora start sprouting, while local animals begin to display bizarre deformities. A vibrant cosmic horror about a nightmarish being that exists beyond the limits of the human spectrum.

“The kind of movie that is on an irregular and grotesque wavelength of its own making and will leave people not just in disbelief about what they just saw but what any of it meant, if it meant anything at all.” ~ The Film Stage.

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