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Looking for Eric

1h 56m Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 2009

AroView: With a touch of magic realism, the great British director Ken Loach returns to the top of his game to tell the story of a beleaguered postal worker who seeks imaginary counsel with his footballing idol - Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona.

Steve Evets gives a superb lead performance as the forlorn middle-ager who juggles the domestic ball with his new baby grandson, estranged first wife and a couple of troubled teenage step-sons. The French Cantona is a wonderful contrasting presence, while Loach’s regular screenwriter Paul Laverty satisfyingly replays themes from other Loach gems like MY NAME IS JOE and SWEET SIXTEEN. You don’t have to appreciate the “beautiful game” to enjoy either the feelgood factor or the earthy drama that are in abundance here - it’s arguably Loach’s most enjoyable work to date, certainly his most charming.


Ken Loach




United Kingdom



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