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The Nice Guys

Crime, Thriller, Black Comedy 1h 56m 2016

AroView: Genuinely hilarious buddy comedy from the director of KISS KISS BANG BANG (and writer of the LETHAL WEAPON movies back in the day) about a mismatched pair of “nice guy” private eyes investigating the apparent suicide of a porn star in 1970s Los Angeles.

A grizzled, bloated Russell Crowe and the goofy-hunky Ryan Gosling have a surprising chemistry, working from a crackling, inventive script and within glamour-grime 70’s production design of your wildest dreams. For better or worse, this has franchise written all over it.

“For those attuned to its amiably sleazy vibe and sudden alternations between violence and slapstick, it offers a guiltily pleasurable way to pass an evening.” ~Christopher Orr, THE ATLANTIC


Shane Black







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