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The Ghost Writer

2h 28m Crime, Thriller 2010

AroView: Roman Polanski helms this cracking yarn in unapologetic Hitchcock mold that sees Ewan McGregor hired to complete the memoirs of a Tony Blair-like former British prime minister (Pierce Brosnan) uncovering secrets that put his life if jeopardy.

A wild and woolly fiction that borrows liberally from real-life events, this may only have the gravitas of an ‘airport novel’ (by Robert Harris), but a fine cast and plush appointments help the veteran director ply his trade in stylish, rollicking escapism right up until the ‘surprise’ denouement.

“Offers an unusually astute glimpse of power at its most alluring and corrosive.” ~WASHINGTON POST


Roman Polanski




France, Germany, UK

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