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The Fifth Element

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action 2h 6m 1997

Synopsis: For ex-Marine Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), life has become tediously repetitive: he drives a flying cab for a living, and eats take away from the same Chinese restaurant, which delivers directly to his window, every day. But little does he know, a great extra-terrestrial Evil has teamed up with Zorg (Gary Oldman), and threatens to destroy the Earth. When a beautiful alien, Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), falls through the roof of his cab, he realises she is is the elusive fifth element required to save the world.

AroView: Whether you think it’s a gorgeous sci-fi masterpiece or narcissistic fluff, French director Luc ‘Nikita’ Besson’s multi-million dollar space opera at least looks as good as BLADE RUNNER and 2001. It’s also indebted to the fashion of Jean-Paul Gaultier, the comics of Mobius and the gifted ham of Gary Oldman, but be warned, Luc apparently wrote this thing at the tender age of 16…


Luc Besson





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