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The Courier

Thriller, Drama 1h 52m 2020

Gripping Cold War spy thriller with Cumberbatch playing real life British businessman Greville Wynne, who was recruited by the SIS to deliver covert messages to an undercover informant in Soviet military intelligence in the 60’s. Thanks to this correspondence, MI6 was able to penetrate the Soviet nuclear programme and end the Cuban Missile Crisis.

“A dignified period piece of the kind that is now commonly churned out as bingeable TV, which makes this an increasingly rare treat for those who prefer their old-school espionage in film form.” ~ AroVideo.

“Blessed with fantastic turns from Benedict Cumberbatch, Jessie Buckley and Rachel Brosnahan to up the stakes and make it all feel a bit fresher than it actually is.” ~ The Playlist.


Dominic Cooke









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