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2h 7m Thriller 2022

Mathieu is a gregarious and dedicated diplomat who accepts a posting to Irkutsk as the head of Siberia’s Alliance Française.

He hopes the change will be good for his family and struggling marriage, but before long Mathieu’s staging of cultural events and support of artistic expression sees him fall foul of local authorities. Accused of a terrible crime, he soon realises someone has fabricated a case with Russia’s Federal Security Service; he has been framed.

“A well-crafted chase picture that doubles as a fiery warning about the dangers of an authoritarian government that can create its own reality, with no accountability for mistakes or malevolence.” ~Noel Murray, L.A. Times

“Focusing on the moment-to-moment thrills proves more satisfying than wondering what actually sparked this intrigue.” ~Michael Nordine, Variety


Jérôme Salle









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