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The Big Hit

1h 47m Comedy, Drama 2021

Inspired by remarkable true events, this French Film Festival favourite follows a dedicated out-of-work actor (indelibly played by the fabulous Kad Merad) whose career and life prospects unexpectedly change.

Merad plays a disillusioned and divorced middle-aged thespian who accepts an arts rehabilitation role, leading a theatre workshop group at a correctional facility, under the watchful eye of open-minded but cautious warden. His program attracts a motley group, whose raw talent he unearths inspires him to workshop Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”. To the surprise of many, the play’s existential themes prove to be a natural fit for the inmates, and the connection between the cast and their director grows stronger. Inscribed with intelligence and humour, it’s a deeply empathetic celebration of camaraderie, faith in others (and oneself), and the liberating power of art.

“Just as entertaining as it is touching, taking us on an enjoyable ride that stays focused on the group itself, whose moving performances make this a play worth watching.” ~Seth Eelen, Into:Screens


Emmanuel Courcol









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