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Son of Rambow

1h 36m Family, Comedy, Adventure 2007

AroView: Typically quirky and satisfying British family film about a young boy who befriends and collaborates with the school trouble-maker to make their own action video inspired by RAMBO!

As he breaks out of his conservative (Brethren!) upbringing to discover the joys of creativity and cameraderie, this follows in the tradition of precocious charmers like BILLY ELLIOT and MILLIONS to inspire young people to follow their dream and be true to themselves. With lashings of good-humoured mischeviousness and nostalgia for its mid-1980’s period, this is sure to bring back fond childhood memories and inspire budding Kubricks into the bargain.


Garth Jennings


English, French

Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]





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