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Sci-Fi, Drama 1h 43m 2021

AroView: An isolated settlement on Mars becomes a fiercely contested battleground between families in this beautifully crafted and quietly devastating sci-fi drama, anchored by a fine performance by child actress, Brooklynn Prince.

Trust and loyalties are tested through a series of breaking points that radically alter the group dynamic and, in turn, what is at stake for the survivors. This unpredictable narrative is steered by the patient and confident hand of writer-director Wyatt Rockefeller in a debut every bit as impressive as Duncan Jones’ similarly understated “Moon” (2009).

“Unlike many previous films and TV shows that ponder the possibility of life on Mars, “Settlers” is thoughtful and nuanced, with Rockefeller posing extremely difficult (and resonant) questions about entitlement and even the future of human existence.” ~TheWrap

“In the ranks of cinematic journeys to Mars, Settlers ranks among the less fancifully and lavishly invented, yet it’s all the more effective for its earthly restraint: You can change the planet, Rockefeller suggests, but humanity stays pretty much the same.” ~Variety









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