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Samson & Delilah

Drama, Romance 1h 40m 2009

AroView: A landmark of Australian cinema for many critics across the ditch, this unflinching drama of two Aboriginal outcasts discarded and left to fend for themselves stands as a powerful statement on the country’s mistreated indigenous culture.

Anchored by superb, naturalistic performances in the non-actor tradition, and shot exquisitely by multi-talented director Thornton, the film conveys a sensitivity towards its ugly subject matter that confronts the ostracism of Aboriginal communities, widespread poverty, problems of substance abuse, and endemic racism. ‘Poeticising’ Aboriginal hardship is perhaps the film’s only point of contention as it reaches for a naive hopefulness through tragedy and destitution – something Thornton’s artful direction and minimal, near-wordless script arguably overcomes, and goes on to deliver genuine pathos.

“The effect of this movie by the Australian director Warwick Thornton is cumulative, subtle, almost stealthy.” ~ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


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