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Rabbit Proof Fence

Adventure, Drama, Biography, History 1h 34m 2003

Aroview: Recounting a single true-story of Australia’s “Stolen Generation” - young Aboriginal half-castes forcibly taken from families by the authorities to be raised as whites - this chapter of secret history is told, less in all its complexity, but more as an intensely dramatic personal narrative.

Three girls flee from the clutches of Kenneth Branagh’s religious reformatory in the 1930s, hoping to walk 1500 miles back to their tribal home, pursued all the way by veteran tracker David Gulpilil. If at times the story feels a little drawn-out, with Peter Gabriel’s music an overly melodious accompaniment, the naturalistic performance of lead Everlyn Sampi (as well as Tianna Sansbury and Laura Monaghan) is thoroughly involving, and the film overall is an ample stimulation to thought.


Phillip Noyce


English, Aboriginal





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