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Russian Dolls (Les Poupées Russes)

2h 5m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2005

AroView: A sequel of substance to the pan-Euro comedy THE SPANISH APARTMENT, which will again strike an entertaining chord with the young globetrotting, media-savvy generation and those with a perennial liking for bittersweet romance.

The original film’s attractive menage of twenty-somethings have now broached their thirties, and are scattered across Europe between Paris, London and Moscow. All converge for a brief reunion at a St. Petersburg wedding, framed by a lengthy train-journey by Romain Duris, pondering his stalled career as a soap-opera writer. Audrey Tautou also brings a cranky spark to proceedings, while the whole tale is permeated with the character’s maturing of outlook, tinged with a melancholy acceptance of the ‘way things work out’.


Cédric Klapisch


French, Russian, English, Spanish, Italian




France, UK



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