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Puberty Blues

1h 23m Romance, Comedy, Drama, Australia, Australian 1981

Adapted from the popular novel by Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette, Puberty Blues traces the lives of two adolescent females who have spent the first part of their lives in a group by themselves, while desperately trying to break into the ‘in-crowd’ that dominate the Greenhill beach. Once finally accepted into the group, the girls realise the laid-back, ultra-cool facade is just that: a glossy cover-up. As Debbie (Nell Schofield) and her life-long companion Sue (Jad Capelja) are drawn into the group’s many vices, including drug-usage and casual sex, they begin to realise there might be more to life, and set out to regain respect and equality.

Directed by Bruce Beresford (Mao’s Last Dancer, Driving Miss Daisy), Puberty Blues dives deep into the 1970’s Australian social landscape to deliver a classic coming of age tale.


Jad Capelja (Sue Knight) , Nell Schofield (Debbie Vickers)


Bruce Beresford





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