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Don's Party

Comedy 1h 30m 1976

“Tawdry sets and outfits compliment the crass attitudes of suburban Sydneyites who gather to celebrate an incoming Labour government on election night of 1969. Booze, sex and general immaturity converge in this highly amusing time capsule based on David Williamson’s play.” - AroVideo

When you mix a left-wing teacher, a loud-mouthed sex maniac, a mild-mannered accountant, a failed philosopher, a promiscuous 19-year-old nymphette, a frustrated wife, a drunken pornographer, a sexy temperamental artist and an arrogant dentist with a lot of booze…anything can happen! Adapted by David Williamson from his own stage play and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Bruce Beresford (BREAKER MORANT).


Bruce Beresford





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