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Last Ride

1h 37m Drama, Crime 2009

AroView: Hugo Weaving toughens up as a violent, quick-tempered low-life whose desperation and escalating crimes result in him fleeing across South East Australia with his hapless young son in tow.

This dark road movie two-hander skirts over familiar territory however the physical terrain and the cinematography are exceptional. Also notable for a sensitive child performance by Tom Russell, whose character gradually learns to fend for himself. A poetically spare and emotionally tense Aussie drama about the love between parent and child.

Synopsis: When his father bundles him into the car in the middle of the night, ten-year-old Chook knows something is wrong. As the two escape into the desert facing an unknown future, their troubled relationship and the need to survive sees them battling the elements, and each other.


Glendyn Ivin







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